Every beginners needs these 5 resources

January 24, 2023

Every beginners needs these 5 resources

You have chosen to play Minecraft, the largest open-world survival game. The problem is that Minecraft introduces new players with little information. It can be confusing and hard to understand the rules and regulations of the game.

You can explore the different types of landscapes and liveliness throughout the game, which you can do for hours. As the night falls, enemy mobs start to appear, making it difficult for new players to take control and avoid being killed. These problems can be overcome if you plan well and you will make progress in Minecraft.

You can jump-start your survival efforts by using certain items in Minecraft. These are the five essential resources that you will need to survive, and move forward.

Minecraft: The most important starting resources and items for success in the game

1) Wood

You must find a tree to spawn in your world and begin chopping wood blocks. You can make a crafting table from wood blocks by chopping them into wooden planks. You can also make basic tools and weapons from wooden planks. This is why this is the best resource you can get.

2) Stone

Next, you can get stone from a mountain. Or dig underground. Stones can be mined using a pickaxe made of wood. You can make stronger tools and weapons from the cobblestone that you drop as stone. You can use it to build your first house. To cook food and make iron, you can build a furnace out of stone.

3) Food

The player may feel hungry while running and working in Minecraft. This may sound cruel, but meat can be obtained from cows, sheep, and pigs. You can eat these raw or cooked to maintain your health. Apples that are occasionally dropped from the branches can be eaten.

4) Coal

You will find coal ore as you dig deeper underground. This can be mined to get Coal. This is a crucial part of the game's early stages, as it allows players to cook meat and provide good health food. Wooden planks can also be used as fuel but coal burns longer. To prevent hostile mobs from spawning, players can make torches using coal and sticks.

5) Bed

The bed is not an item that can be found naturally, but it is an important item to craft in the early stages of the game. Minecraft beds can be made with wood planks or sheep's wool. Hostile mobs can attack you at night and even kill you.

You can thus sleep all night. You can also use it as your spawn point. If you die, you won't be respawned at random locations.