How to get Minecraft snapshots

January 6, 2023

How to get Minecraft snapshots

Minecraft's 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update release date is fast approaching. However, Snapshots by Mojang are a great way for you to get upcoming features in your hands early.

Minecraft Snapshots are public-released test builds with unpolished features that will be available in future updates. Mojang can use this opportunity to test out new features before they become part of an official update. Players can report bugs to Mojang and provide feedback for the improvement of the game.

Snapshots can contain any feature the studio wishes to test out, and may include new mobs or biomes, game mechanics, blocks, or even new mobs. Snapshots include a variety of features from Caves and Cliffs' update. These include glow squids and cave generation. Snapshots of Minecraft are a great way to test out new features before they become official. Here's everything you need for a sneak peak at the future of Minecraft.

Minecraft Snapshot Installation: How to Access Beta Builds

Snapshots can be found for Minecraft's Java edition. However, there are also ways to view early features of the Bedrock edition. These are the Bedrock betas for Android, Xbox One and Windows 10, which are not as detailed as Snapshots but include many new features.

For more information on Android and Xbox One instructions, visit Mojang's beta site. Keep up to date with the latest betas and snapshots by bookmarking the Minecraft forum's news site. It contains a breakdown of all versions.

Snapshots and betas can be very unstable, and your world might crash or become janky. You should not load into a world you aren't comfortable with getting corrupted. Also, make sure to keep your best Minecraft builds safe in another world.