How to tame pets in Minecraft

December 24, 2022

How to tame pets in Minecraft

Minecraft's vast world is home to many mobs, which are a variety of creatures. Mobs (mobile entities) can be found in all dimensions of Minecraft. There are three types of mobs available to players: neutral, hostile, and passive.

Passive mobs, which are peaceful and friendly creatures in Minecraft, are the best. These mobs won't attack players if they are attacked by them. Most passive animals are raised for their droppings, but some are kept as pets, such as cats and wolves.

Minecraft has had mobs since its inception. These mobs can be tamed or kept as pets. Each mob is different and requires a different method of taming.

Minecraft has tameable mobs

1) Cats

Cat lovers will find Minecraft a great place to keep their cat. There are many cat breeds available in Minecraft. Many Minecraft players have found their cat. Unfortunately, you can't attract cats by making “psp-psp” too often.

The players will need to quickly feed salmon and cod to the cat by crawling up to it. Cats can often be found wandering around villages.

2) Wolves

The cutest mob in Minecraft is the Wolves. These cute animals can be found in forests, wooded hills and taiga, among other variations. The taming process for wolves is much easier than that of cats.

To tame wolves, players must feed them bones. You can get bones from loot chests or by killing skeleton-type mobs. You can use wolves to attack mobs.

3) Axolotls

Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Part 1 Update added cute axolotls which made them a formidable competition for wolves or cats. Axolotls are not as easy to control as other mobs. Players can however pick them up in buckets to keep them in their inventory.

Axolotls can be picked up and placed back on land or water. Axolotls will attack all aquatic animals, except sea turtles or dolphins. A bucket of tropical fish can be used to guide players in guiding axolotls towards attacking ocean creatures.

4) Horses and mules, donkeys, donkeys, and llamas

Mobs that can be ridden include horses, mules and donkeys. They spawn in the Overworld. These mobs require no food items and are easy to manage. These mobs can be ridden repeatedly until they trust the player. Players can then put a saddle on them.

Rare skeleton horses may be found in the Overworld. These horses don't need to be ridden. They can be ridden by players who place a saddle on them.


Parrots are one of the few flying creatures in Minecraft. They are easy to handle and will sit on your shoulders. You can make wild parrots your pet by giving them seeds.

6) Foxes

Fox is the most shy mob in Minecraft. These animals are quick to run at the sight of a player. Players will need to breed two foxes in order to have a baby fox. The baby fox can't be tamed but will trust the person who fed it.

Once they are tamed or gained their trust, players can either keep them in their base or explore the vast universe.