Minecraft servers most similar to Wynncraft

November 29, 2022

Minecraft servers most similar to Wynncraft

Wynncraft is one of the most popular servers in Minecraft, with an average uptime of more than eight years and thousands upon thousands of players daily.

Wynncraft is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) roleplaying game. The server is unique because it offers detailed quests and challenges. Players must navigate across different realms and provinces on a large map.

Below are five of the best Minecraft servers similar to Wyncraft that players can visit.

Five Minecraft servers for Wynncraft fans

Wynncraft is the best server, but there are five Minecraft servers that offer a similar experience to Wynncraft.

5) Purple Prison

Server IP Address: purpleprison.com

Purple Prison is considered one of the most respected Minecraft prison server ever. It's a great alternative for Wynncraft for anyone looking for a change in pace.

You can be sure to find intense PvP and a balanced economy. This server is unique in its class, and it has attracted over 50,000 Discord members.

Anybody who is brave enough to sign up for this server will be able to follow a storyline about escaping an alien prison world under the rule of a hostile alien species.

4) PotterworldMC

Server IP Address: play.potterworldmc.com

All wizards and witches are welcome! PotterworldMC is a Minecraft server that was inspired by J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books.

Wynncraft players will find a lot in common on this server. You can participate in magical duels and complete quests.

3) Lord of The Craft

Server IP Address: www.mc.lotc.co

Lord of the Craft describes himself as “radically different” and an “immersive journey into a genuine medieval fantasy world.”

This server is not for everyone, but Wyncraft enthusiasts will enjoy it because of the familiar roleplay mechanics, and homage to fantasy elements.

Wynncraft players are likely to have lots of fun on this server. However, it is important to be aware of some key differences in rules as well as the expected code. This server requires that gamers adhere to strict rules regarding roleplay. It is also prohibited for players to break character.

2) Origin Realms

Server IP Address: originrealms.com

Origin Realms, often called “Minecraft 2”, is a survival RPG built on Minecraft.

Wyncraft players will fall in love with the immersive world created from the ground up.

Origin Realms is not complete without the addition of a variety of custom blocks, biomes and characters. Origin Realms, a great alternative to Wynncraft, is almost certain to be a hit.

1) Hypixel Skyblock

Server IP Address: http://hypixel.net

Hypixel is the most well-known Minecraft server. Hypixel has a variety of game types, and can host up to 100,000 users during peak hours.

Skyblock is currently the most popular game mode on Hypixel. Hypixel Skyblock, like Wynncraft is also an MMORPG-based mode.

After joining, players will spawn on an island of their choosing and can progress by upgrading and leveling it up. Fans of Wynncraft will enjoy Hypixel Skyblock because it offers many unique concepts, such as an auction house and bazaar.

Wynncraft, as mentioned previously, is unique and will not be replicated on any other Minecraft server. Fans will have fun on any of the five servers that share similar characteristics to Wynncraft.

Important to remember that the list was not only compiled by the author, but also from online sources like Minecraft server lists or public forums like Reddit.