YouTuber turned bees into flying Steves

November 10, 2022

YouTuber turned bees into flying Steves

The Minecraft mobs are generally quite cute. The Warden is a beautiful face, but it's hard to deny the Allay's innate love for Minecraft. RaineyX, a Minecraft mod YouTuber, decided that Minecraft wasn't cursed enough and took it upon himself to make it better.

RaineyX makes a lot videos about Minecraft mobs. They often make their appearances more realistic or recreate them as characters from other games. RaineyX decided enough was enough. They simply wanted to make Minecraft look bad by warping all the mobs. Some of these are simple, such as making spiders very long. Others are more difficult.

Before we get to the scary ones, let's start with bees. The humble Minecraft bee is the first mob RaineyX to change. You know those cute little creatures that buzz around? They're all Steve now. It's quite strange, perhaps horrifying, and possibly even life-changing to watch a swarming of Steves fly around. Who knows?

The Pyramid Head treatment gives Creepers a touch of Pyramid Head, where they all become sentient, walking pyramids. It's not pleasant and RaineyX wonders, “What's wrong?” You'll find skeleton sheep and a giant Enderdragon dog. It's a strange series of changes that results in a bizarre bug that makes the Endermen disappear, making the game less winnable.

Despite all this, the main mob that haunts our dreams is still the Minecraft Lego Pig from a few months back. Why does it have Lego human hands?! What is it trying to tell us? Why does it appear when the lights go out?